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March 12, 2006

a warm ass boring day

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Well, its about 4:30pm and I just put up a new layout (Retro Jordan 7’s v. sick fetish). I have a feeling this layout will be up for a while because I love it! Lol. Anyway I’m so tyte that the weather is gettin warmer, I won’t say “nice” I will say warmer, ‘cuz nice weather to me is the winter! I hate the summer with all them damn bugs an crap, ugh! ABOUT THE SITE: I finally decided to add a blog. I’m so happy. I love kwik blog, its really easy and its convenient. I will definetly be adding more links and this of that nature to my site once i get the hang of thigs. ALSO I have 2 HUGE crushes and they remind me of each other in so many ways ..

Shout out to GERALD & RA. muah


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